Weekend Fun & 10 Pinterest Wins

Weekend Fun

I can’t be the only one who thinks a long weekend means DIY, right? Right! And what better place to find DIYs than Pinterest. I know, I know. There are tons of Pinterest fails and Pinterest envies. Well, these Pinterest links I’m sharing with you today are on my list of Pinterest wins. I’ve tried them all and they’ve worked. They didn’t look perfect. They didn’t turn out EXACTLY like the Pinterest pictures. But they turned out great. I hope these can be Pinterest wins for you this weekend!

And the first 5 links are about food. Because, well…why not?

  1. Hands down the easiest way I’ve ever cut watermelon.
  2. A very easy and delicious appetizer using brie cheese. Tip: don’t use the store brand cresent rolls as they tend to be thinner and tear easier.
  3. This zucchini side dish is a hit!
  4. I love peanut butter and this super easy peanut butter cookie uses only 3 ingredients. Score.
  5. This 2 ingredient lemon bar is delicious. If you dust it with powdered sugar, it becomes a 3 ingredient lemon bar. Tip: Bake them in muffin cups and it’s easier to serve in potlucks or parties!

Now onto the non-food pins!

  1. This nail trick turned out super cute, but don’t use more opaque colors or the glitter won’t show.
  2. I’ve used this Jessica Alba hairstyle on my mom for special occasions. It’s actually easy. Step one: curl hair. Step two: start pinning hair with bobby pins until it looks the way you want. Step 3: add hair embelishments like pearl pins, flowers, etc! Tip: don’t forget the hairspray.
  3. I gave this erasable message frame to a friend who was getting married. I printed a background with her wedding colors and moved the “I love you because…” print higher to leave more space on the bottom. I included a dry erase marker with an eraser cap. I bought the frame and marker from the Dollar Tree. I left out the floweres shown on the pin.
  4. If you’re traveling this weekend, use this plastic wrap trick for bottles (shampoo, lotion, etc) to stop them from spilling. I do this when I travel and it works, BUT with some bottles, the plastic wrap tears. Tip: double the plastic wrap onto itself to make it thicker, or make sure there’s extra hanging over with each bottle you use so if a section tears, there’s more sections you can use.
  5. This very colorful tree is an easy to duplicate and adapt for different ages or artistic level. Make sure to layer your colors and flick the paint brush to splatter the paint. I replicated this using watercolor pencils (flicking the paint straight from the pencil), and it worked out nicely.

That’s 10 Pinterest wins for your weekend! What have you tried from Pinterest that actually worked out? Let me know!

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