A Single Christmas Poem

Click here to read the series.

Click here to read the series.

It’s Christmas week
And all through the house
A single girl is rejoicing
Though she doesn’t have a spouse

She knows in her heart
She’s never alone
She has friends, she has family
She has Christ on the throne

She’s redeemed, she has grace
Her heart is protected
By the King of kings
She has been selected

For this time and a purpose
Only she can fulfill
Her singleness used
In His ways and His will

And she can believe
She’s blessed beyond measure
She’s anointed, she’s chosen
She’s a beautiful treasure

Merry Christmas to all my single and not so single friends wherever you are! May you never forget that God has chosen each of you for a purpose. Whether you are single or not, whatever your circumstances are, trust that God has you in His arms.

I’m taking this week off for Christmas. I encourage you to do the same! Let us check out from our online lives and connect in real life with the people around us. God Himself came down to Earth in human form, and changed the world forever. If there’s anything we can do to have wonderful holidays, it’s to spend time with our loved ones in real life. To feed our souls with human to human connection and interaction. Look around. There are people beside you.

Merry Christmas & much love,


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