A Free Online Advent Experience

A Free Online Advent Experience

December comes in less than two weeks, and I am excited. Christmas is my favorite holiday and not just because we remember Christ’s birth on this day, but also because we celebrate good will, well wishes, family, and generosity. I also love the bright twinkling lights, carols, colorful decorations, crackling fireplaces, hot cocoa, and bundling […]

The Gratitude Attitude

The Oxford Dictionary and Google defines gratitude as the “quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” With Thanksgiving coming up and today being Veteran’s Day, being thankful is on everybody’s lips, as it should be. But what I struggled with, and maybe you have too, is accepting thanks. Have […]

A Look Back at Freedom

Every month I’m looking back at the things I learned, loved, and lived through. I’m also looking forward to the next month. This October, I participated in the #write31days challenge. This is my look back at freedom. LEARNED I learned to give myself some grace. I got sick this October. Still am. That means I didn’t […]

Weekend and Freedom Fun

It’s the last Weekend Fun post for the 31 Days of Freedom series! I have been sick these past couple of weeks so I’ve been playing catch up with my Freedom posts. You can read the ones I’ve written by clicking on the image below.   Read 5 Traits of Creative Leaders by Erik Wahl […]

The Freedom in the Mirror

I grew up hearing people call me fat and that did two things. One, it created my tough chick alter ego, and two, it gave me a love-hate relationship with mirrors. To stop myself from falling apart whenever someone said something negative about me or to my face, I had to start being tough. I […]

Freedom in the Pain

There is a knitting term called tinking, which is to un-knit your knitted work. It is to unravel your work in order to correct a mistake. When I use a complicated pattern or when I use no pattern and knit on the fly, I tend to tink all the time because I knit while watching a […]

The Freedom in Owning Your Faith

My college professor would tell you that I’m predisposed to Christianity, which means I’m more likely to accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior of my life. I gave him that because it’s true. I was born into a Catholic family in a traditionally Catholic country. At the time, I felt like my faith wasn’t […]