What’s My Part in the Big God Story?

Our kids at church have been learning about The Big God Story, a curriculum from Dr. Michelle Anthony. Whenever I teach, I also learn, but these lessons have shifted the way I think about God’s plans. God has a plan, doesn’t He, for us? A good, prosperous, and hopeful plan (Jeremiah 29:11). In God, we […]

Weekend Fun and a Book Quiz

Enjoy some fun online finds this weekend! Affiliate links are included below. Purchases made through these links add no further cost to you, but may give me a commission. Take a quiz to find the next book you should read. I got The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It won the Pulitzer Prize, a category I need to […]

My Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

When I redefine modesty in my life, it helps me hone in on my own fashion do’s and don’ts. Some haven’t changed since my teen years (like wearing a slip, old-school but important), others I figured out in my 20’s, and some are new as I moved in my 30’s. Since I’m tucking my winter […]