Weekend Fun

Here are some fun things for your weekend!

How many of these have you heard?
Stuff Christian Singles Hear from alegator21 on GodTube.

Remember The Oregon Trail?
You can play it for free online at The Internet Archive. I lost 3 members of my party and 11 oxen were stolen. But I made it to Oregon!

I’m popping these like candy.
Luden’s Lozenge Throat Drops Watermelon
I found mine at Target and the packaging says “Only at [Target symbol]” but I found them in Amazon too. I’ve been sick and my Hall’s Honey Lemon throat drops ran out. I grabbed these because it’s watermelon flavored :-) I love the taste and it helps soothe my throat and control my cough. It’s made of pectin which doesn’t feel as harsh as menthol (at least to me).

My new go-to sick soup.
Matzo Ball and Soup Mix
This annoying throat-cough thing has been going around at church, which is a bummer. Even our pastor lost his voice. I pray that you are well and healthy. But if you’re not, have you tried Matzo ball soup??? I love them! I’m not even going to try to pronounce this brand, but they went on sale when my local Lucky’s branch closed (bummed about that) and I got to try it. They’re pretty good, especially as a soup mix.

And my go-to sick tea?
Twinings of London Lemon and Ginger Tea
With about 4 spoons full of honey. That’s how I roll.

What are some things you are enjoying at the moment?


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