A Look Back at February

A Look Back

At the end of each month, I’m looking back at the things I learned, loved, and lived through. This is my look back at February.


I learned that freedom is a grind. I’ve been writing it on my hand because it’s so hard to remember easy to take for granted. There are people who share posts on the latest ISIS atrocity and my heart can’t take it. My sister reprimands me for not keeping up with the news like an appropriate adult, but seeing all the horrible things going on everyday…I can’t. I’m starting to regret having “freedom” as my one word because I didn’t realize the depth of this word, which makes me think God has a special lesson in store for me. I don’t know how I feel about that.

I babysat for my church’s Couples Dinner (on the eve of Valentine’s Day). At one point, the other volunteers had to get the food and water, and I was left alone with the kids. Then a child had to go really bad. At the mad dash out the door, I told one of the oldest kids that she was in charge. She’s pretty good with kids and mature for her age (there also wasn’t a lot of kids to look after in the few minutes it would take for me to get the kid to the bathroom).

Anyway, it’s been sinking in that she’ll probably join the ministry when she can, and she’d be the 2nd generation of kids I taught in my Sunday School classes that will become ministry leaders. It’s amazing and humbling. I love being a witness in the faith journey of a lot of young ones, but then that kinda means I’m not a young one anymore.


I love sales and clearances. I have also been obsessively wearing these boots that I found on sale at Target. I also scored a bunch of designer brand dresses for $7.49 each at Ross. I prefer to call that a blessing from God :-)

You know those games that come with your computer when you bought it? Well, I’ve been playing Mahjong and Spider Solitaire. Turns out, if you want to win them, start thinking in terms of patterns and strategy. I think if you want brain games, all you have to do is go to the Games folder on your computer!

Want to test your pattern recognition? Answer this quick!

What’s the pattern of your state’s license plates?

Did you know they have patterns?


I went to Washington D.C.! For the first time, I dare say. I would totally go back to visit the other museums and revisit the ones I rushed through. One thing I noticed while I was there was all the runners/joggers. In the cold and at all times of the day, there they were making the city feel healthy just with their presence.

The week before, I was in SF and there were smokers everywhere. It was a stark comparison. As an asthmatic, it makes me mad that people would damage their perfectly good lungs and the perfectly good lungs of those around them because of second hand smoke. Please, choose health.

This month, a lot of us lived through a very severe cough and cold. And if you’re still sick, I pray for your health and healing. Stay well out there!


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