Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness: The Things Unsaid

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I want to share with you my story (especially since I said I would). But first things first: I’m not a physician, and if you’re suffering from a mental health issue, then please go see your doctor. It’s my hope that by sharing my story, I could help […]

Did I Choose the Right Path?

I have asthma, so I could never run as fast or as far as my classmates. But I’m also a bit stubborn, so I found a running sport that I exerted myself in: Sprints. I didn’t have to run far. I just had to run very fast in a short distance, and then use my […]

Weekend Fun and Book List

  I haven’t written a Weekend Fun post in a while, so I thought I would because fun is important. Someone I knew posted a harsh criticism of our president because of a video of him dancing. He was criticized for being a bad president because he was having fun instead of working. I wouldn’t […]

bloom spring

Seasons of Winter Lead to Seasons of Spring

At school, there’s a pathway lined with trees and benches. The semester started in Winter when the trees were rattling branches, bare and dreary. Today, seemingly out of nowhere, they’re in full bloom. Their bright green leaves provide shade and shelter for both students and birds. They dance with the wind and breathe life to […]

Faith Moves

My Soul Has Been Stirred

All week long, I’ve been trying to get the right words out, but maybe I just shouldn’t mince it. So here goes. I ended a recent journal entry with these words, “I think I lost myself.” By that I meant, I had allowed the biggest, deepest, most passionate dream of mine to enter a slow […]

A Look Back at March and Planning

Every month, I’m taking a look back at the things I learned, loved, and lived through. I’m also looking forward to the next month. Here’s my look back at March 2016. LEARNED I learned that planning is key to gardening. Sadly, I’m not really a planner. Thankfully, my spinach is growing! Are you a planner or […]