33 Moments in My 33 Years

It’s my birthday! Last year, I shared 32 Moments in my 32 Years, and this year, I’m turning it into a tradition. Here are 33 moments in my 33 years. Can you guess which of the moments below happened last year? Last year, I ate poke (and raw fish in general) for the first time! […]

Five Friday Faves and a Must See Movie

This Friday is the start of a long weekend if you have Monday off for MLK Day. This week, here are the things I have been enjoying. Affiliate links are included below. Purchasing through these links may give me a commission without further cost to you. The Descendant’s version of “Be Our Guest”┬áis spunky and […]

My One Brave Thing

Brave. It’s #myoneword for 2018. It popped up everywhere. It’s what I need to be to make the changes I planned for this year. It’s my reminder to live by faith one step at a time. A nagging voice comes around asking, “What is the one brave thing you’ll do this year?” I have no […]

My First Five Friday Faves of 2018

Happy first Friday of the year! On Fridays, I usually do a Weekend Fun post, but I’m shaking things up this year with my Five Friday Faves where I will share five things I have been enjoying. Some links will be affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase using those […]

Hello, 2018!

It’s like I dropped off the face of the planet, but if you follow me on IG, you know I just entered a super busy season and that’s why I haven’t written much here. But it’s a new year and introspective little me wants to share (and document) what 2017 has been like and what […]

So Now I’m On Amazon

Someone in a kidmin Facebook group posted their fundraising idea and I adopted it. So now I’m on Amazon. I reimagined the nativity story into a poem and had our children illustrate it. I only wish I had a scanner (for better picture quality) and a lot more time to put it together, but I’m […]