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Are You a Pantser?

My second favorite story in the Bible is when Philip teleported. You can read it in Acts 8:26-40, but basically, the Spirit told Philip to go up to an Ethiopian eunuch who happened to be reading the book of Isaiah. Philip explained that the passage spoke of Jesus, shared the Gospel, baptized the eunuch, and […]

God works

Wrenches From God

A sniper is on the loose in this one part of town. He or she hasn’t killed anyone yet, but has shot random cars and people have been injured because of it. My friend lives in that part of town, so when my friends and I were on the way to her house and got […]

looking for lovely

Looking for Lovely Book Review

For my Reading Challenge 2016 “a book you’ve been meaning to read” selection, I picked Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs. It’s her most recent book that I pre-ordered and have been wanting to read ever since it came in the mail, but school and its required readings kept pushing it down the read pile. Finally, […]

Weekend Fun and the Olympics

What else should you be doing this weekend but watch the Olympics? Okay, okay. I know, life is still going on during the Olympics. I’ve actually only watched the Olympics via TVs in restaurants and YouTube clips. I wanted to see how Michael Phelps did (and he’s doing great) because years ago, I watched him […]

You're Invited

Rest and Reset + Giveaway!

I shared a free goal tracker last June. I set a goal to write fiction for at least 15 minutes everyday in July. That did not happen. Now, I’m reevaluating that goal and pressing reset. I’m striking “everyday” from the goal. I’m just going to write fiction in 15 minute increments (at least). I think […]

Break, Duty, and Blogiversary

Oh my goodness, I’m back! The past month of July was an unintentional break from the blog. The first two weeks were all about VBS, then an inability to find words in the midst of a lot of heartache around the world, and then technical website host problems that didn’t get resolved until yesterday. How. […]