31 Days of Freedom

31 Days of Freedom

Welcome to 31 Days of Freedom! I’m joining writers across the world at Write 31 Days, a writing challenge created by the Nester, that happens every October. This year, Crystal Stine is at the helms and I’m writing about Freedom.

Freedom is also my One Word for 2015, and I didn’t pick this topic for the Write 31 Days Challenge because I’ve been writing about it throughout the year. Actually, I’ve only written a few posts on it, so this month I’m flushing it out. I know God has been teaching me a lot about freedom and I hope He continues to teach me until December and even beyond.

This is the landing page for 31 Days of Freedom. Below are the posts in this series. I will update the links as daily as I could. You can always find the most recent post by going to my homepage, and you can always go back to this page to see all the posts. Follow along with other 31 dayers across social media with #write31days.

On to the posts!

Day 1: Why Freedom?

Day 2: Weekend Fun & the Freedom of Free Time

Day 3: How to Have Freedom of Time

Day 4: The Fight for Freedom

Day 5: Freedom is Not Escape

Day 6: Freedom Starts Here

Day 7: Freedom and Bad Things

Day 8: Freedom in Community

Day 9: Weekend Fun & The Freedom in Self Care

Day 10: The Freedom in Stepping Back

Day 11: Freedom in a Thank You

Day 12: Freedom in Simple Pleasures

Day 13: The Freedom in Looking Up

Day 14: Freedom in the Milestones

Day 15: Freedom in Change

Day 16: Weekend Fun & Freedom in Learning

Day 17: The Freedom in Free Learning

Day 18: Freedom in Work

Day 19: The Freedom in Purpose

Day 20: Freedom in Christ Alone

Day 21: Freedom From Fear

Day 22: The Freedom in New Wineskin

Day 23: Weekend Fun & Freedom to Inspire

Day 24: Freedom to Volunteer

Day 25: Freedom You Already Have

Day 26: Freedom in Peace

Day 27: The Freedom in Owning Your Faith

Day 28: Freedom in the Pain

Day 29: The Freedom in the Mirror

Day 30: Weekend and Freedom Fun

Day 31: A Look Back At Freedom

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