A Single Christmas Poem

It’s Christmas week And all through the house A single girl is rejoicing Though she doesn’t have a spouse She knows in her heart She’s never alone She has friends, she has family She has Christ on the throne She’s redeemed, she has grace Her heart is protected By the King of kings She has […]

Crazy Enough

How have you been intentional and purposeful this holiday season? Maybe you sat down and counted your blessings for Thanksgiving. Or perhaps you’re cutting back on your Christmas decorations in order to focus on the things that matter. Are you writing a life mission for the new year? How about being intentional and purposeful in being […]

Intentional Tradition

The older I get, the more I appreciate tradition. There’s something very grounding about it. Tradition reminds me of who I am and that I’m part of a people. However, I also know that some traditions need to stop. If a tradition hurts or hates or alienates, then it needs to stop. Then, there are traditions that just […]

This Crazy Business

Californians are freaking out right now. There’s something falling from the skies and it just won’t stop. It makes our valley cold, and people are wearing something called a “jacket” and using something called an “umbrella.” What gives? Coming from the Philippines where storms mean rolling blackouts and waist-high floods, a little rain isn’t too […]

Create Production

I stepped into the aisle and immediately knew that I was out of my depth. Home Depot. PVC pipes. How do I get the pipes I need in the length I need them in? Which pipes are not too thin and not too thick? All I wanted was this: to make this: for our Christmas […]

Drive for God

My mom started a ministry at a senior home/assisted living. It started as a small every other Saturday mini-service. Then it grew until they now hold a Sunday service, bringing the church to the people that can’t come to the church. My best friend is a nurse who’s worked primarily in geriatrics. There are a […]