Reaching the Heart of a Matter – Part 2

The first step is to go through fire. Read Part 1 and my adventure with artichokes. “Was that it?” I asked when I bit off the tiniest piece of vegetable flesh from the artichoke leaf. I turned to my sister. “Do we need a dip?” We concluded that eating artichokes with dips is really just […]

Choose to Stay Gold

I couldn’t help but listen as the young lady talked about her boyfriend’s brother who has an MBA and other credentials, but chose a job driving around the city delivering boxes of tea for $10 an hour. She groaned in frustration and disgust. She was fed up with her boyfriend’s support for his lazy brother […]

Book Review: The Sacrament of Happy

I received a digital copy of “The Sacrament of Happy” by Lisa Harper through NetGalley in exchange for a review. All opinions in this review are my own. Affiliate links are included below. Purchasing the book through these links adds no further cost to you, but may give me a small commission. While reading¬†The Sacrament […]