What’s My Part in the Big God Story?

Our kids at church have been learning about The Big God Story, a curriculum from Dr. Michelle Anthony. Whenever I teach, I also learn, but these lessons have shifted the way I think about God’s plans. God has a plan, doesn’t He, for us? A good, prosperous, and hopeful plan (Jeremiah 29:11). In God, we […]

Redefining Modesty

The other day, I wore a dress and stuck leftover rice in the refrigerator to keep it from spoiling. Spring has come. Officially, it came in March, but it’s just now the California sun is starting to show off, and that means Daisy Dukes and bikinis on top are about to show up. Every time […]

It’s Crazy Out There So Prepare Yourself

As we piled into the car on a night guaranteed to have congested traffic, my sister said, “It’s going to be crazy out there so prepare yourself mentally.” It’s stuck ever since because I’ve never even considered mental preparation when it came to traffic. My mantra was to just get through it, but preparing for […]

When Que Sera Sera is A-Okay

I was the little perfectionist growing up. Everything had to be done right, so I took risks in secret (because if I failed, nobody will know), hid unfavorable consequences to my actions, and cheated my way out of my mistakes. All to present a picture of perfection because I believed that if I wasn’t, I would […]