Short & Sweet Ministry Breaks

I can’t stress the importance of getting rest from ministry work. If you’re a ministry volunteer, worker or leader, you know how busy the ministry can get. It’s not just a Sunday thing. It takes up time and energy, and of course, we want to give our best because ministry work is for God. Remember […]

When God Gives You a Vision for the Ministry

I was finally able to tell the congregation about thinking Orange and our move from Children’s Ministry to Family Ministry. The “announcement” was a little long, but I believe it was well received. We had fliers passed out and a short video to show. And the message that I was saying – parents are the […]

Waiting is Action

I said here that I would share more about what my church has been doing and how the testimonies have been pouring out. So here’s what’s up. We’ve been doing a declaration before collecting tithes and offerings and it goes something like this: Lord as we are returning our tithes to You and giving You our […]

When Change Happens in the Ministry

If I could describe my ministry experience in one word, it would be this: CHANGE. Change happens in life. It happens so much, we don’t always notice. Kids growing up. Us growing wiser. Friends or family drifting apart or growing closer to each other. Churches dying or reawakening. Some changes, however, are stark. They’re sudden […]

You Must Do No Work!

In Leviticus 23, God gives Moses instructions regarding Appointed Festivals. These are official days for holy assembly. Like a national holiday but with more requirements. Like rest. The Sabbath, which happens every week, is already a day of complete rest. Then there are the festivals with days where everyone must stop all their ordinary work or […]