I Forgot About Being Ready

Ready. Have I forgotten already? The one word that God impressed in my heart for 2014. The word that reminds me of where a I’m standing. I’m standing on a precipice. Poised to fly. Or to retreat. There are two ways I can go, but only one way I want to go. Forward. Forward into the plans […]

That Roller Coaster Feeling

I don’t like riding roller coasters. They’re scary. I’ve only been on 2 roller coasters, and both times was because I caved into peer pressure. My friends threatened to ditch me if I didn’t ride with them. Kids can be so cruel. You know what it is that scares me? The ride begins to climb. You […]

Friendly or “Friendly”

I am socially awkward. I really believe that. Oh I can hack it. I can make myself be more outgoing. I can up the ante of excitement and openness. I know how to execute social graces. Because I’ve been trained. In school, in clubs, in church, I learned how to hack myself in social situations so I won’t […]

Despite Closed Doors

Yesterday, I shared what I learned from the conference speaker/pastor. That was from one sermon. The second is just as insightful and a blessing. He focused on Thomas, commonly referred to as Doubting Thomas. Except he wasn’t the only one who doubted the resurrection of Jesus. All of the disciples did! In Mark 16:14, Jesus […]

Pregnant With God’s Plans

The past weekend (Friday night and Saturday morning), I attended a pastors and church leaders revival by our conference (that’s denomination conference) hosted at our church. I was struck by the anointing on the speaker/pastor and I’m really still processing 🙂 but I’d love to share my experience with you. He took us to Luke […]

Why Are You Still Single?

Question 1: Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?” Short answer: In God’s time. Long answer: I chose to be single. Or rather, God asked me to wait and I said yes. My generation went through the “kiss dating goodbye” and “I’m waiting” trend, mania, phase, whatever you want to […]