Why Are You Still Single?

Question 1: Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?” Short answer: In God’s time. Long answer: I chose to be single. Or rather, God asked me to wait and I said yes. My generation went through the “kiss dating goodbye” and “I’m waiting” trend, mania, phase, whatever you want to […]

The Heart of Worship

She sang one of the older songs. The song that made a huge impact when it was released. The song that was sung over and over, time and again, but it cannot be sung to death. The song that gracefully stepped back to make room for newer songs. The song that worship leaders pull out […]

Fasting: More than Skipping Meals

Fasting is one of those Christian disciplines that…tbh as the kids say…a lot of people avoid. It’s the slap-your-face kind of sacrifice. The kind that you immediately feel and feel specifically, and that’s why…I dare say…most of us don’t do it unless we feel like we have to do it. Like when the Church calls […]

One Word 2014: Ready

I was writing in my journal when God impressed one word in my heart: ready. I didn’t even know about one words or One Word 365 until I got on my bloglovin feed after my journal writing time and saw these posts about one words. The word “ready” have been bugging me and I realized that […]