Dear Diary, The End of Darkness

31 Days of Dear Diary
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At the end of my darkness
and start of my gray
Someone reached in
and called out my name
Stuck out a hand
For me to grab
But what do I do?
What do I say?
Foreign this Savior
Who’s calling to me
Save me? But I’m fine
to have drowned and left be
So long have I been
alone and confused
that Your light’s not a comfort
blinding this refuse
Stop! I cried
But You won’t let up
So I grasp your offer
And I felt Your love
It surged through my body
As You pulled me in
Revived my spirit
Washed me clean
Awakened my soul
complete and whole
I looked at Your face
then I remember
the Savior who held me
close to Him, left the flock
to find me in
the hole, the hidden
the tear filled cave
in doubt, in shadows
in sorrows, enslaved
But now pulled out
And held so close
In safety, in light
All by His might
In trust and faith
In joy, at ease
In hope, in love
In utter peace

-Angela Sangalang

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