Dear Diary, How I Love You

31 Days of Dear Diary
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How I Love You

I Lay my head on Your shoulder,
And looked at Your arms around me.
I saw Your scars of love,
And the ache of my heart thumped.

Tears start to flow,
As shame stars to build.
I cannot understand,
How You loved me from the start,
Knowing the painful lashes,
I’ll print on Your back.

I stagger and I fall,
As I walk Your Holy Path.
And I know I’ll never match
The distance Your love walked.

My faith falls and rises,
But You the Rock stay strong.
You keep calling to me
Even when I gamble for Your robe.

I’m not worth Your love,
But You won’t let me go.
Get away from me, my Christ,
‘Cause I will just stain You.

You’re unfailing love
I don’t deserve
So my life I offer to You
Oh, Jesus my Jesus
How I love You

-Angela Sangalang

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