Dear Diary, I Know It’s Not Good For Me

31 Days of Dear Diary
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Dear Diary,

My cousins are here sleeping over. Our goal is to stay up late. Bad for our health, yeah. So far, we are staying up late until everyone’s asleep. Wait. Very discourageble. We’re getting sleepy. We want to stay up late but we’re sleepy. Oh, boy! I just yawned. My eyes are getting heavy, too. I better stop saying this things or I really will fall asleep. There’s a story contest. I’m joining. I hope I win. I don’t even have an idea! It’ll come to me. Well, so long.


-End Transcript-

First of all, is “discourageble” even a word? And if it is, how do you spell it?

First of all subsection A, I’m now proud to say I know the difference between “this” and “these.” 😀

Second, I haven’t learned my lesson. I stay up too late too often. There are some things we need to accept about ourselves, then label and love it. I am a night owl. You morning people stop judging 🙂

Third, I don’t remember entering said story contest, but it encourages me today that as a young girl, I pursued writing.

At that age, I wanted to be a doctor and writing was never a career in my head, but I believe that God was planting seeds in my life. He knew writing would be a big part of me. He knew that writing in my life will move beyond the pages of a secret diary and into something He can use for His purposes.

Isn’t God great like that? When He said that He knows us, He formed us, and He predestined us for something, He really meant it. It’s not an out-of-the-blue-here’s-your-purpose-now-go-do-it kind of plan. He truly directs our paths even when we’re not aware of it.

And that, to me, is just one of the many ways He shows us His love.

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