Dear Diary, I’m In the Youth Group

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August 25, 2000
11:32 PM

Mom finally let meeh go to Youth Night with Catherine & to the Youth Retreat. It was fun, really. The theme was Soldiers for Christ. So we were put in groups with seargants. I was Purple group. We had to have a platoon name and a cadence call. We were Platoon R831 (Romans 8:31 “If God is for me, who can be against me?”) I took lots of pictures. I need to get it developed.

-End transcript-

My best friend friend is getting married to my other friend, her long-time boyfriend she met in the youth group. This past two years have been filled with a lot of my youth group friends getting married because we’re all grown up.

That’s hard to swallow: being grown up 🙂 I get it now when people say that time flies, or start sentences with, “It feels like it was just yesterday…” I’m still wondering if I’m really at that stage in life where everyone around me is getting married and having kids. It feels like it was just yesterday when I became part of the youth group, and I grew in my spiritual walk with God through the Christ body He surrounded me with.

Time really does fly, and I’m just a bit more thankful that I’m revisiting old diaries and memories through this #write31days. We’re halfway done!

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