Don’t Be a Zombie

I started watching the show “iZombie” about Liv, a medical resident who becomes a zombie and starts working in the medical examiner’s office for access to brain. I’m not a zombie-anything fan, but this has crime drama, which is right up my alley.

On an episode, someone asked Liv why she was so pale and she said it was because she worked in a basement with no windows. And that’s just been stuck with me because working in front of my laptop feels pretty much like the same thing. I hardly venture outside and I didn’t realize how much of a zombie I’ve become.

When there’s a big project on my to-do list, I get this single-minded focus that shoves other things to the side. Like a zombie thinking, “Brain. Brain. Brain.” One focus. Beware all who gets in the way.

I’ve been on VBS zombie mode lately because I’m writing it and worrying about it. I’m actually thankful for the ever distracting social media because it forces me to breathe and step back.

Today I stepped outside and it’s crazy how I’ve missed seeing trees, feeling the sun, and hearing random chatter.

It’s hard not to become a zombie when there’s that one big thing you’ve got to do. Maybe it’s a work thing, a ministry thing, a family thing, a house chore thing.

There will be seasons when life feels like it revolves around one thing. And you’ll feel like a zombie living for one thing and dead to everything else.

There will be days when you’re cooped up in a basement with no windows – whether that looks like an office, a computer, or an actual basement – feeling like you are the work that you do instead of a whole person with other interests.

There will be moments when you don’t feel like you are living life. That’s all they are.

Seasons. Days. Moments. Phases. Flashes. Snapshots.

They will pass, and you can help them pass.

Step back and step outside. Even if it’s only for five minutes to sit in the backyard. Or to grab overpriced coffee with a friend.

Remember that each day is a gift where beauty is found. Where rest can be grabbed. Where breath happens. (Click to Tweet).

Psalm 118:24

Don’t be a zombie. Rejoice today. Be glad today. Live today.

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