Five Minute Friday: True

Five Minute FridayTruth is I’m on my 2nd bottle of Mucinex and millionth cup of tea. Okay, 7th cup of tea.

I hate being sick. It makes me a headcase. I can’t think, can’t breathe, and can hardly sleep. My nose is stuffed and my inhaler is always within an arm’s reach. And here’s where I apologize (to you and to myself) for missing a week of blogging. And now’s when I chastise myself for not being prepared enough.

Somewhere in the Bible, my brain fog can’t recall where, it tells us to be prepared in and out of season. Whenever I’m sick, all the ways I’m not prepared jumps out at me, accusing me, pointing fingers, and saying, “See, you need to be better.” Kinda like Job’s friends. I’ve been reading/listening to Job via YouVersion. They’re not very nice friends.

Anyway, it takes a lot of effort to stop those voices. Oh they’re right in many ways. I could step up my game in many areas of my life. Couldn’t we all? Another reason I love God, who is grace, telling me that I don’t have to be better. He loves me, sick and unprepared.

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: True

  1. I had to laugh at the “they were not very good friends” mostly because on occasion I catch myself being “those” friends. I say something to a friend that was well meaning – only to later reflect on that it was not appropriate or helpful, (and I don’t know what God is trying to teach her in this season) Job has taught me many lessons but it has especially taught me what it means to be a true friend.
    Loved your thoughts. Hope you find time to rest and get well!

  2. Precious Anna, it is the simple words that remind us of the profound depth of God’s grace that are truly gifts. Even “sick and unprepared” you’ve done that today. I’m a music teacher who had an identity crisis during a week of laryngitis not long ago. Yeah. God’s grace is sweet as the honey in your 8th cup of tea and I need it bad. 🙂 Blessings on you, my sweet sister!

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