Freedom in Community

31 Days of Freedom

“Is that normal for a Christian?” she wanted to know.

Is it normal to feel dry? It is normal to feel lacking? To have gone a year without reading the Bible? To have lost that passion to share the Gospel? To feel like a basket is hiding the light? To have lost the saltiness for God?

Yes, my dear sister, it is normal. We all go through it. We all struggle. We all have to find our way back and work out our salvation.

She sighed in relief.

Yesterday I wrote that we have freedom even in the bad things. We have freedom even when bad things are happening.

We also get a sense of freedom when we find out we’re not alone in the bad things. When we realize there are women struggling in the same things. When we find the people who are walking the same tough road we are.

We sigh in relief. The weight on our shoulders lift away. The guilt eases. Freedom takes hold because we’re not alone.

I hope you remember that you’re not alone. In fighting for your freedom, you are not alone. In your struggles, you are not alone. In your doubts and fears, you are not alone.

There is freedom in community. It’s not that misery loves company, although that’s true. It’s that in misery, we can come together to encourage one another out of the misery and into freedom, into peace, into joy, into strength, and into love.

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