Freedom in a Thank You

31 Days of Freedom

Today my church celebrated Pastor’s Appreciation Day. That’s what my dance practice from yesterday was for. Did you know there’s freedom in a simple thank you?

In saying it and receiving it, these two simple words of gratitude have the power to allow hearts and souls to breathe.

But just as is the case with all words, our hearts matter more. We can say the words without meaning them. The freedom happens when our hearts realize the gratitude.

We we realize what we just received, there is freedom in recognizing the help, the love, the service, and the gift.

There is also freedom in being thanked. It does our hearts good when someone recognizes our help, love, service, and gift.

In receiving and giving thanks, we are reaching towards each other. We form community. We recognize our humanity and need for each other. There’s freedom there because it reminds us that we’re not alone. We are not living life by ourselves.

Bring freedom to someone’s day by giving her a heartfelt, “Thank you.” And may you hear those words as well. As you hear them, may freedom take root. May you remember that you’re not alone. Know that you are recognized and known.

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