Freedom in Simple Pleasures

31 Days of Freedom

I used to think that if I had more freedom, my life would be more elaborately wonderful. It would be more of a production, preferably a musical.

The truth is, if life was a musical, it would be stressful. I’ve been in the front end and back end of a musical production. I’ve also watched a lot of musicals. The “magic” really happens to the audience. Acting in it, producing it, or directing it is so much work. It can be glorious work, but I’ve lost freedom in terms of time, energy, and money.

If I had more freedom – in terms of time, energy, or money – I would not use it to turn my life into a musical. Instead, I would find freedom in simple pleasures.

Gelato in a waffle cone. Apple pie. A stroll on the beach. Picnic at the park. Playing tourist in your own city. Coffee with a friend. A hayride.

And when we choose to find freedom in these simple pleasures, freedom is redefined. It’s not just in terms of time, energy, and money. We get more freedom in terms of joy, peace, and love.

Life doesn’t have to be a production. It isn’t more spectacular if it is. We can find freedom, beauty, adventure, and pleasure in the simple everyday things.

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