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31 Days of Freedom

Yesterday, I shared with you some things that inspire me to get out of the funk and get back into living in freedom. One of the best ways to be inspired, however, is to volunteer. It does our souls good to give our time and energy to a worthy cause.

While giving money is important and needed, volunteers are just as essential. To the people receiving help, that connection is extremely important. The community created gives people hope. The volunteer’s life is also positively impacted.

We experience freedom when we volunteer because we are created to reach beyond ourselves. Our souls are meant for community. Our talents and compassion are meant to be shared and given.

We also have the freedom to volunteer. People like to say that we don’t have time. Time is short, precious, or a commodity. The truth is simple. We make time for what matters. If something really matters to you, you will make the time for it. I hope volunteering is important to you. It changes lives. Try it.

Here are some quizzes on volunteerism. May they inspire you somehow!

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Volunteering doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Many people think volunteering means going to a different country to teach English or handing out medical supplies. Some think it’s about getting dirty by picking up trash on the beach.

Elmo and Usher gives us a very simple definition of a volunteer.

You can also volunteer at church. I know, most churches want a long-term commitment because ministries are always short of volunteers. But if you can only commit for this year’s Christmas production, that’s good too. Speak to whoever is in charge and be honest about what you can commit to, but challenge yourself as well. You just might find a volunteer position you love and enjoy.

One way I love to volunteer is by packing OCC Shoeboxes. Check it out:

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