A Look Back at Freedom

A Look Back at May

Every month I’m looking back at the things I learned, loved, and lived through. I’m also looking forward to the next month. This October, I participated in the #write31days challenge. This is my look back at freedom.
31 Days of Freedom


I learned to give myself some grace. I got sick this October. Still am. That means I didn’t complete the #write31days challenge. I have a few days of posts to still write. In the past, I would be kicking myself and crawling underneath a rock. But I’m going to give myself grace. I learned that if I wallow in the negative, I wouldn’t be living in freedom. So I didn’t write everyday in October. That’s okay.


I loved dancing again! I choreographed a dance for Pastor’s Appreciation day…well, half-choreographed. I borrowed choreography from YouTube for part of the dance! I forgot how much of an exercise it really can be. I’m on the hunt for an adult jazz class for next year as my way of working out.

Been a while since I used these, but now they're getting some dancing on. So am I. 🎶 Wonder what for? #itsasurprise

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Pumpkin season!

Pumpkin pie & pumpkin ice cream #pumpkin #dessert

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I lived through another #write31days challenge…or rather, still living through it because I have to catch up on a few days’ posts.

I went on my first hayride!

Our church had our Food Feud Family Game Night tonight! Sore throat and mucus, but I still emcee’d. Plus, I got the church to play Bean-boozled! I’m amazed that the kids loved it. They kept asking for more beans. They are not fazed by the gross flavors. Kids! Go figure.


I’m looking forward to NaNoWriMo for November.
I also took on a new challenge that I’m not ready to talk about yet, but I’m looking forward to learning new things.

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