A Look Back at June and Pride and Prejudice

Every month, I’m taking a look back at the things I learned, loved, and lived through. I’m also looking forward to the next month. Here’s my look back at June 2016.

A Look Back at May


Out of sight, really is out of mind. When it comes to Summer Goals, I had to post them up somewhere I can see them to motivate me to do something about them. I used the “How to Summer” printable from You Are My Fave, and I made my own Goal Tracker printable you can get for free!

My wall at the moment, with #summergoals and a #goaltracker

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Check out what day jobs famous writers had.

I pinned the Frobscottle drink recipe from Disney (from The Big Friendly Giant) and can’t wait to try it!

I tried this Pork Loin with Gravy Slow Cooker Recipe and it turned out delicious! The gravy turned out white though, unlike the picture.

This Frozen Lemonade No Bake Bars are also a Pinterest win! It was easy to make and delicious, but don’t skip the crust. It cuts through the sourness from the lemonade.


I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! I am so proud of myself! When I first tried to read this book so many years ago, I gave up. I had the hardest time making sense of Austen’s sentences and it frustrated the perseverance out of me. My particular copy even has Endnotes that define some words or phrases or concepts that would be unfamiliar in these modern times, but sentences like,

“A most welcome negative followed the last question – and her alarms being now removed, she was at leisure to feel a great deal of curiosity to see the house herself; and when the subject was revived the next morning, and she was again applied to, could readily answer, and with a proper air of indifference, that she had not really any dislike to the scheme”

tripped me up. And yes, that’s ONE sentence. Now, however, I understand them better, and if I don’t, I just go back and read it out loud in a British accent. It helps. It also helped to read it in the park one beautiful Saturday afternoon. I had to admit to watching”Pride and Prejudice” Keira Knightley movie version (twice), “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” and “Lost in Austen” before diving into the book. I thought preparation was key, but maybe, I simply wasn’t ready for Austen all those years back. Maybe I didn’t have the patience or the romanticism or appreciation for anticipation.

Pride and Prejudice is my selection for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2016 Reading Challenge “a book that intimidates you.” I feel like I can love Elizabeth and Darcy more now that I have read the book.

I also read Extravagant Worship by Darlene Zschech and ticked off “a book you own but have never read.”


I’m setting a goal in July to write fiction for at least 15 minutes everyday. My reward is another Austen novel. Can’t wait!

I’m currently reading The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George for “a book you previously abandoned.” I didn’t mean to abandon it. It was due back to the library and since it was on hold for another patron, I couldn’t renew it. I requested it a second time, checked it out yesterday, and am now sailing through the Seine with the main character.

And of course, I’m looking forward to checking the things off my Summer Bucket List and the list I have with my friends. What are your Summer goals or bucket list items?

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4 thoughts on “A Look Back at June and Pride and Prejudice

  1. Lovely to see you via Leigh’s! Your baking prowess is much admired. Also, I am British, and when I read Pride and Prejudice as a teenager I did NOT get it at all. Once you realise that she’s a slightly snarky spinster with a very sardonic sense of humour who likes to wrap her wit up in polite talk, I got on with her better. (The films help, too… If you ever come across the BBC version – 6 episodes – that launched Colin Firth, that’s well worth watching. I think it much better, more humorous and sympathetic than the fighty Keira Knightley one)

    Also, my favourite Jane Austen is Northanger Abbey (which has lots in common with Persuasion). Don’t even touch MansfieldPark. URGH. Endless talk about gardening, and a thoroughly annoying heroine. And I also really hate Emma, even worse than Mansfield Park. I can’t understand why a petty gossip is supposed to be a heroine…

    Anyway! Lovely to see you here. 🙂

    1. Tanya, thanks for stopping by! I’ve been meaning to watch the Colin Firth version for so long, but knowing myself, I would binge watch it in a night so I’m waiting for a long break. Haha. I read the Cliff Notes for Emma in high school because I had to compare it to the movie Clueless, and I agree. As much as I love Clueless, having a gossip heroine who thinks she knows best is annoying. Thanks for the heads up for Mansfield Park, and I will definitely look into Northanger Abbey.

  2. The next Austen you read needs to be Persuasion. It is by far my favorite! My first book of hers was Pride and Prejudice as well, and I love it to this day! In fact, I rather gushed about seeing P&P&Z so much that all my coworkers knew I love “old British books”. 😉

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