Looking Back at September

A Look Back at May

Every month, I’m looking back at the things I learned, loved, and lived through. I’m also looking forward at the next month. It’s a look back at the Blog-tember Challenge and the month of September!

Brave Love BlogBlog-tember Challenge prompt: A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breath, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies.


What I learned most this month was contained in two days at the Orange Tour in Irvine. I learned that children go through phases that pass by quickly. I learned that we need to leverage the tools around us to better help families. The biggest thing I learned is that if we’re going to really do family ministry, then the youth group needs to get in on it too. There’s a lot to unpack and pass on to my team and church.

I also learned that I don’t have to finish reading books I am not enjoying.


I have loved Odwalla bars this month! They’re easy to take and eat on-the-go. In all honesty, I usually eat them on the way to church because I don’t wake up early enough to eat breakfast.

I also loved decluttering, and I’m not done. I finished going through my entire wardrobe! I still have a lot of clothes. I found that some clothes refuse to leave quickly. I used this Wardrobe Editing guide to give myself that extra kick.

Now I’m decluttering my makeup and accessories. In my attempt to be more organized, I bought Sterilite clear boxes from Target, which are on sale and there’s an extra 10% off for them (non-latch variety) on the Target Cartwheel app. I’m probably going back to buy some for our ministry closet, which is in dire need of organization!


I lived through my first Blog-tember Challenge! I didn’t do it everyday. I missed most of last week because I went to the Orange Tour and it was the weekend of the film festival I help organize. But it’s been wonderfully fun, especially vlogging.

I went to my first Orange event and won these.

There were five books on my Summer Reading list, but one of them was a book of writing prompts. Of the four books to read, I finished reading one, So Shines the Night by Tracey Higley. I dropped one book and started the other two, but didn’t finish. Instead, I read Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman, and I’m currently reading Do Over by Jon Acuff.


I am looking forward to the Write 31 Days Challenge, which starts tomorrow! I just figured out my topic yesterday! I’m also looking forward to Fall and cooler weather. It actually rained today.

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  1. I just completed a challenge of blogging everyday for September. It was a lot of fun! Good luck on your October challenge! 🙂

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