Pregnant With God’s Plans

The past weekend (Friday night and Saturday morning), I attended a pastors and church leaders revival by our conference (that’s denomination conference) hosted at our church. I was struck by the anointing on the speaker/pastor and I’m really still processing 🙂 but I’d love to share my experience with you.

He took us to Luke 1:26-38, the angel Gabriel told Mary she’s going to have a baby. The speaker threw my perspective off the rails by highlighting just how blessed and highly favored Mary was (v28). God liked her so much, He made her life complicated!

Mary wasn’t looking to do anything except get married. She wasn’t looking to be highly favored and blessed among the women. She wasn’t looking to get pregnant. She was engaged and then she was going to live the expected life.

But nope. God didn’t want that for her. God chose her, spoke into her life, and planted something in her that will glorify Him and change her world and the world around her.

But before that something can come into fruition (can be birthed), Mary had to go through a lot of complications. Pregnant outside of marriage, she would have been outcast and, if Joseph did not believe the angel, stoned to death. Then came the census. No room in the inns. Labor in a lowly (maybe dingy, dark, and dirty) manger. Then the king wants Jesus dead. Yikes, complicated.

And so likewise, God doesn’t want a regular expected life for you! God chose you and He is speaking into your life. He has planted something in you that will glorify Him and change your world and the world around you!

We’re pregnant with the plans of God 🙂 but before His wonderful plans can happen, we must go through some complications.

People might not believe us. We might feel isolated and alone, scared. But have no fear! God is always with us and will never forsake us. One way of showing His faithfulness is by giving us our own Josephs, people or even just one person who supports us, believes us, and protects us (in prayer or through friendship).

My One Word for 2014 is Ready, because God readied me for things He’s going to do. He spoke things into my life and heart. He whispered them at night. He reminded me through my tears. I’m not sure when I will see them come to pass, but they’re there. I can feel them. I am part of God’s plans.

The same is true for you! I know this because God promised it (Jeremiah 29:11).

Mary said two things when Gabriel appeared to her. First she asked, “How can this be since I know not a man?” (v34). Gabriel told her it will happen through the Holy Spirit because nothing is impossible to God (v35-36).

Then Mary said, “Let it be to me according to your word” (v38).

Do you have the same responses when you hear from God, get a glimpse of His plans, or feel an assignment coming? I know I do.

First, I ask how. How can it be God? I’m not qualified.

Mary was a virgin and therefore not qualified to be pregnant. It’s just not possible. And yet with God, it is.

God doesn’t choose us because of our qualifications. What was that saying? God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called. Part of “Do not be afraid” (v30) is letting go of the fear that we don’t measure up. That we can’t possibly do what God is asking us to do because we’re not good enough, we don’t have the education, or we’re too this or too that.

The truth is…we’re not good enough! Not by God’s standards. We’ll never measure up. That’s the beauty of grace. We don’t have to be good enough. We don’t need the qualifications. Nothing is impossible to God.

He chose to do His will through us and the only way we can stop that is to turn our backs on Him. I pray we don’t do that. Instead, let’s respond like Mary did.

Let it be to me according to your word.

Whatever Your will is, God, do it. Here I am, I am Yours. Let Your will be done.

What are some things God is birthing in you? I pray for the strength and peace of Jesus through any complications in your spiritual pregnancy!


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3 thoughts on “Pregnant With God’s Plans

  1. Such lovely words. I understand that place of being pregnant with God’s plans as I believe that is where I am too. And I ask a lot of “how will this happen questions” but God keeps telling me “the how” does not belong to me, it belongs to Him. So I keep trusting and keep trying to do what’s put in front of me, trusting that the rest will work itself out. Thanks so much for sharing these words

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