Real and True Bliss


Question 14:
Describe the last moment you felt really, truly blissful

I stared down a glacier. Well, I stared across the water from the deck of a cruise ship. It was real and true bliss to gaze at God’s amazing creations. It was nippy. There were a lot of people. I was by myself because I couldn’t find my family and didn’t want to miss the sights by searching the ship. It’s not like they can go anywhere! But it was ever so blissful because God makes awfully beautiful stuff. Take a look for yourself.

From time to time, a part of the glacier would fall off (the term is ice calving). A booming/grumbling sound would spread around us and silence the people. Chunks of ice would fall into the water. It’s like an environmental and ecological lesson. They gave us pamphlets to read. They broadcast facts and lessons through the ships’ speakers. But there’s nothing like seeing the glaciers move. Or calve.

It reminded me that God made a crazy gorgeous world for us to live in. All we have to do is pause, look, and listen. And we’ll see His hand and His love everywhere.

We were at Glacier Bay, Alaska, and I also happened to capture these guys:

Trust me when I say that I am not a nature girl. I don’t even like stepping on our backyard. Dirt. Bugs. Mud. Yuck!

But there are just some things that can really take our breath away. God is so imaginative, isn’t He? He creates beauty. And isn’t it just breath-taking that He created us? After creating all the wonders in the world, He didn’t find it complete until He made us.

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