Crazy Enough

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How have you been intentional and purposeful this holiday season? Maybe you sat down and counted your blessings for Thanksgiving. Or perhaps you’re cutting back on your Christmas decorations in order to focus on the things that matter. Are you writing a life mission for the new year?

How about being intentional and purposeful in being crazy?

It’s human to want to stay safe. To err on the side of caution. To make sure we don’t do anything crazy that will jeopardize our self-preservation.

But sometimes, we end up glued on the sidelines. In an effort not to act crazy or look crazy, we become wallflowers. We don’t take risks, even when some of these risks are worth it.

Be crazy and host a Christmas dinner, even inviting the new kid in town.

Be crazy and put together a Christmas skit or get together with your friends and raise money for a charity by singing carols at people’s houses or work places.

Be crazy and volunteer at a soup kitchen even when your schedule is packed full.

Be crazy and do something that makes you uncomfortable.

I don’t think Jesus was comfortable in a manger, and He was certainly not comfortable on the cross. I would not want to give birth in a stable, or be in the run from a crazy king killing off babies. It probably wasn’t comfortable going against the grain of culture, eating with sinners, staying in the homes of tax collectors, and rebuking the leaders of the time.

But Jesus did all those. As He traveled from one city to another, in the sun and the rain, in the dust and the sea, Jesus was crazy enough to spend His time on earth living in the uncomfortable.

We can be crazy enough to do the same.

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