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I stepped into the aisle and immediately knew that I was out of my depth. Home Depot. PVC pipes. How do I get the pipes I need in the length I need them in? Which pipes are not too thin and not too thick? All I wanted was this:

to make this:

for our Christmas production. So I texted for help and got out of there.

Hits and snags are very frustrating but very much part of the process of productions and plays. It helps you appreciate the end product even more.

Dare to try?

Tap into your dramatic side and create a production for the holidays. Go big with a full production, or go small with a group of carolers.

Trust me when I say that if you do this, you will learn a lot about yourself and other people. You will be stretched and tried. Patience. Understanding. Learning to work with different kinds of people. You learn it all. Plus, being on your toes, improvising, flexibility, and working with what you’ve got. Maybe even musical scores, recordings, costumes, set design, and stage makeup. Depending on the people you get together, get ready to wear different hats and learn fast!

And for us single ones, creating a production helps us connect with other people. It helps us become part of a community, and opens us up to community. And in the holidays, we are making a way for people to pause from our busy lives and come together.

It’s crazy and exciting. You promise never again, but do it all over again anyway. Because creating a production, big or small, taps into our creative side. And I believe we all have a creative side, because God is the ultimate Creative and we’re created in His image. Our creativity vary, but we’ve got it.

You’ve got it. You only need to let it out.


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