Purposeful Planning

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How crazy are things going for you right now? Christmas is next week! Do you still have a lot to do? Or did you check off your to-do list and only have to sit back and relax?

I’m not a planner. I can do it and in many ways, planning makes my life easier. But it doesn’t come naturally for me. Which is why there’s still so much left on my to-do list.

The holidays, especially Christmas time, can be so busy for all of us. And if you’re not a planner like me, it becomes more important to be intentional with planning to spend time with the people we love.

Time flies by for me. I get caught up with my to-do list that doesn’t really include grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend or going out to dinner with loved ones. Perhaps your to-do list is like mine?

Why not take the initiative to plan something with a friend or loved one? A cup of coffee. A movie. Dinner or late night snack grab. A phone call.

Don’t let the busyness of the holidays sideline to you to to-do lists that don’t involve other people. After all, it’s the time for love and togetherness.

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