Signs of Stress


Are you stressed? How do you know if you are or are not? It’s important to know the signs of stress, but more so, the signs of stress on yourself because everyone is different. Though there are general signs that manifest on most people because of stress, the signs can be specific to the individual as well.

I just finished a successful jazz dance class. I was walking out of the room to the restroom to change when my head started twitching to the left. It lasted a few good seconds, long enough that I was aware of my inability to stop it. It was a sign of stress, arguably massive stress. During that semester, I was enrolled in 3 colleges, going to class Monday through Saturday. My young self was so gung-ho about being able to handle it, too, but my body knew better.

When I get stressed, I also get headaches and aches on my shoulders and upper back. Sometimes, my hair (a few strands) would turn white. I would get a massive zits like I was still going through puberty, and my legs would become restless. I become irritable and I stress eat (I hate that part the most).

Here are some general signs of stress: body aches, pains, cramps, spasms; skin condition flare ups or breakouts, changes in mood and behavior; changes in mental abilities (harder time focusing, increased worry, etc).


It’s important to listen to our bodies (inside and out) and watch out for signs or symptoms of stress. Stress is part of life. On the healthy side, the tension stress creates pushes us to do better or motivates us to resolve issues and problems. When I had a piano recital coming up, I would be stressed for sure, but it caused me to practice more and hone my skill.

Mismanaged or out of control, stress leads to many kinds of problems and issues. Think of its signs and symptoms amplifying.┬áIt’s better to proactively practice selfcare to prevent this kind of stress, but it’s good to be aware of when we’re stressed so we can step back and practice selfcare.


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