How to Cover a Mile

We waited for the DJ to announce our names when suddenly he started talking in paragraphs. The groomsmen looked confused. The bridesmaids pressed in closer to hear. We looked at each other, a half grin on our faces and one collective question on our lips. “What is the DJ going to say about me?” And […]

That Roller Coaster Feeling

I don’t like riding roller coasters.¬†They’re scary. I’ve only been on 2 roller coasters, and both times was because I caved into peer pressure. My friends threatened to ditch me if I didn’t ride with them. Kids can be so cruel. You know what it is that scares me? The ride begins to climb. You […]

Surrender to God

There’s a recurring theme in my bad dreams. A bad guy is chasing me. So I try to escape. I would climb over fences or climb rooftops, but the fences and roofs never end. There would be another fence to climb over, another roof to pull myself onto. Meanwhile, I’m running out of time. And […]