Expect Everything, Extend Grace

There’s a scene in the movie “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” that stuck with me. This separated husband and wife, Paul and Meryl Morgan, witnesses a murder and has to go into witness protection. These city dwellers are placed in a remote town with no access to the Internet, phones, and anyone from their former […]

Someone to Boldly Go To

“If the entire Israelite community sins by violating one of the Lord ’s commands, but the people don’t realize it, they are still guilty” Leviticus 4:13. But if we sin and don’t realize it, we are still forgiven. With Jesus as our Savior, we don’t need to wait on ceremony; only have repentant hearts. I’m […]


It’s been a week since I last blogged. Wow, that’s horrible of me. It’s simply been busy. That’s life. But when I wrote about Lent, I said I would tell you about the Penitencia. It’s one of my memories about Easter time. You can find pictures of it online by Googling “Penitencia Philippines.” But fair […]