These Are the Days Of

Blog-tember Challenge prompt: Describe your ideal day. My ideal day starts with a late and easy morning. Poached egg, fresh fruits, and a warm chocolate croissant with a cold glass of apple juice. Devotional at a terrace overlooking a beach or countryside…anywhere with fresh air because I live in the city and have asthma. This […]

Growing in the Unfamiliar and New

I drove my brother to his college for a midterm. He just graduated from high school and now he’s taking an online summer class at the college he’s going to in the Fall (that’s my brother for you). We were in an unfamiliar city and after dropping him off, I drove around. Sort of. With […]

I’m Going to Make It

Three weeks from now is the 1st anniversary of this blog. 🙂 I don’t know much about emojis, but I’m excited-ish. I’m definitely happy. I’ve been beating myself up because I’m not the best planner. Oh let’s be honest. I’m a horrible planner, and I’m consistent at being inconsistent. I couldn’t even stick to one […]