Book Review: Daring to Hope

I received a free Advanced Reader’s Copy of “Daring to Hope” as part of the launch team and in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are included below. I may make a commission from purchases through those links, but there are no further costs to you. Title: Daring to Hope […]

I Hope for You

I hope for you. That’s what she told me. I’ve been feeling wonky and off-kilter for a while and I resolved to do something about it. And this weekend I figured out what that was. Wrote it down. Made it pretty. Brainstormed ideas about it. This summer, I want to be grounded in Scripture, in writing and […]

When Your Parachute Breaks

Did you know that when your parachute breaks, you can still end up in the hospital even if your jumping partner saves you mid-air? I was in Target and leafed through a survival book, landing on what happens if your parachute fails to open. What you’re supposed to do is loop your arms (up to […]