Don’t Be a Zombie

I started watching the show “iZombie” about Liv, a medical resident who becomes a zombie and starts working in the medical examiner’s office for access to brain. I’m not a zombie-anything fan, but this has crime drama, which is right up my alley. On an episode, someone asked Liv why she was so pale and she […]

You Have Not Been Left Behind

“They’re leaving you behind,” she told me. A very good friend of mine got engaged this past Sunday. Her fiance proposed in front of the entire church! In the midst of the congratulations, someone said THAT. Someone told me I’m being left behind. I’m being left behind. Being left behind isn’t something a Christian wants […]

It’s Okay to Hurt

“She failed one class.” “But she’ll still finish this summer, right?” “Yes, but I….” And she broke down in tears, right in the middle of the small college graduation reception held at our church. It’s not uncommon – at least in my community and the schools in my district – for a student to finish […]

Pregnant With God’s Plans

The past weekend (Friday night and Saturday morning), I attended a pastors and church leaders revival by our conference (that’s denomination conference) hosted at our church. I was struck by the anointing on the speaker/pastor and I’m really still processing 🙂 but I’d love to share my experience with you. He took us to Luke […]