Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day started off as a joke. For a very long time, the pressure is on for us singles to find someone in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether the pressure is from our parents, friends, or the media (thanks Hallmark channel), we just can’t escape it. At church, I don’t get it as often […]

Single Again for Valentine’s Day

Okay, I admit, that title is misleading. I’ve always been single so Valentine’s Day was always any old day for me. The only thing I do every year is babysit for my church’s Couples’ Valentine’s Dinner. Good thing I love kids 🙂 You know what’s hard though? Honestly? The dancing. Seeing couples dance pierces my […]

5 Lies My Friends Told Me About Dating

As a single non-dating woman, I held off really writing on dating because people like to throw my inexperience at my face. Although I appreciate the insight that comes from experience, there’s also the insight that comes from observation (learning from other’s mistakes and all that). From what I’ve seen and heard, I want to tell […]

The Heart of the Matter (#sggh)

Imagine the heart of downtown lit up with millions of twinkling lights. A giant tree towers over everyone. Talented performers sing and dance on the stage. Animated exhibits entertain as they have always done for over 30 years. Music pours from speakers and you sing along as you walk through hundreds of Christmas trees, uniquely decorated by local groups, schools, […]

Dear Diary, I’m Hester Prynne

-Transcript- December 8, 2001 Saturday 1:45 AM I’m tired. My English class just finished the Scarlet Letter trial. I was Hester Prynne, Amy was my daughter, Pearl, Linda was my defense lawyer, Bao questioned Chillingworth, and Charlie questioned Dimmesdale. We lost. -End transcript- This is one of my fondest high school memories. I volunteered to […]