Wrenches From God

A sniper is on the loose in this one part of town. He or she hasn’t killed anyone yet, but has shot random cars and people have been injured because of it. My friend lives in that part of town, so when my friends and I were on the way to her house and got […]

Dear Diary, Where Do I Jump?

-Transcript- May 10, 2006 Wednesday Dear God, Hello. I need Your help. You know what’s going on in my life, and I’ll tell You because I don’t know where to go. All my life, the road has been clear. There were moments of blind visibility, but I knew where I was going. Now I’m standing […]

That Roller Coaster Feeling

I don’t like riding roller coasters.¬†They’re scary. I’ve only been on 2 roller coasters, and both times was because I caved into peer pressure. My friends threatened to ditch me if I didn’t ride with them. Kids can be so cruel. You know what it is that scares me? The ride begins to climb. You […]