Dear Diary, Dear God

“You can tell God anything,” said Rowena. I didn’t believe her. It was a sunny day in the park with the Children’s Ministry, and Rowena was one of my Sunday school teachers. I didn’t think she was serious. God couldn’t possibly be interested in just anything I say, could He? I found this: Diary entry from […]

5 Ways to Engage Your Faith

Faith is hard to hold onto when you’ve got nothing else to hold onto. It’s easy to believe that God is Jehovah-Jireh, He provides for you, when you have a job and a steady stream of income. But what if that stream dried up? What if you lost you’re job and you’re the only breadwinner […]

I Don’t Want Boaz

My mom mentioned something about a woman talking about waiting for her Boaz. And I said, “Why does everybody want Boaz? Wasn’t he much older than Ruth?” So I went back and read Ruth, and yes. Boaz was much older than Ruth. How much older? We don’t know, but enough to call her a young woman. […]

Fasting: More than Skipping Meals

Fasting is one of those Christian disciplines that…tbh as the kids say…a lot of people avoid. It’s the slap-your-face kind of sacrifice. The kind that you immediately feel and feel specifically, and that’s why…I dare say…most of us don’t do it unless we feel like we have to do it. Like when the Church calls […]

Quiet Passion: Prayer

“So do you like pray a lot?” Jesse asked. “No,” I answered. Silence. “Yeah,” he said slowly. “You know there are people who are like, ‘I’m a prayer warrior.’ But what does that really mean? And who are you to say that?” It was one of those moments that reminded me how awkward I can […]