Freedom in Work

I had a part-time job in an office where a couple of workers asked if I was still in school. “Yes, unfortunately,” I said. “Oh no!” they disagreed vehemently. “Be thankful you’re still in school. Stay in school as long as you can.” The point being: work sucks. Entering the work force is the most […]

How to Cover a Mile

We waited for the DJ to announce our names when suddenly he started talking in paragraphs. The groomsmen looked confused. The bridesmaids pressed in closer to hear. We looked at each other, a half grin on our faces and one collective question on our lips. “What is the DJ going to say about me?” And […]

Dear Diary, My Rule of Life

I believe this entry was an exercise from somewhere like a class or an article I read. It’s on the Rule of Life. There are many resources on the Rule of Life that differ from each other. I think this one is to help figure out my one thing. -Transcript- September 22, 2006 Friday RULE […]

Dear Diary, Where Do I Jump?

-Transcript- May 10, 2006 Wednesday Dear God, Hello. I need Your help. You know what’s going on in my life, and I’ll tell You because I don’t know where to go. All my life, the road has been clear. There were moments of blind visibility, but I knew where I was going. Now I’m standing […]