Faith to be Saved and Healed

The moments I treasure most in the ministry are the ones when kids ask about God or Jesus on their own, and I get to pray with them to ask Jesus as their Savior. I always struggle not to cry because they’re oh so adorable and sincere! Yet I know, as you all know, that […]

Dear Diary, I’m Hester Prynne

-Transcript- December 8, 2001 Saturday 1:45 AM I’m tired. My English class just finished the Scarlet Letter trial. I was Hester Prynne, Amy was my daughter, Pearl, Linda was my defense lawyer, Bao questioned Chillingworth, and Charlie questioned Dimmesdale. We lost. -End transcript- This is one of my fondest high school memories. I volunteered to […]

Bible Study: John 3, By Faith

Like that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” I don’t always know what to write in this blog, and I don’t want to just write anything. So I figured, for my benefit and hopefully your encouragement, I’ll let the Author do the talking. So I’m starting a […]