Weekend Fun & Gavin Stone

As January dwindles down, here are some Weekend Fun links for you. Enjoy! The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is my move recommendation this week. I don’t know how many more showings there will be of this movie in the theaters so go watch it now. It stars comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes and Brett Dalton aka Grant Ward […]

First Weekend Fun of the New Year

How did your new year begin? Chaotic and stressful? Relaxing and fun? Mine was congested, as in I have a cold! I know quite a few people who are under the weather so I pray for healing for all of you. Drink lots of fluid and take lots of rest. And if you’re not sick, […]

Weekend Fun and a Tale as Old as Time

It’s been a long while since I did a Weekend Fun post or any blog post for that matter. I’m emerging from NaNoWriMo, which is like getting off a boat after being at sea for a while or returning home from a long vacation. There’s an adjustment period where I have to re-learn grace as […]

Weekend Fun and the Olympics

What else should you be doing this weekend but watch the Olympics? Okay, okay. I know, life is still going on during the Olympics. I’ve actually only watched the Olympics via TVs in restaurants and YouTube clips. I wanted to see how Michael Phelps did (and he’s doing great) because years ago, I watched him […]