Weekend Fun

I wish I could say I’ve been having fun these past couple of weeks, but that’s just not true. Being sick is not fun at all. But I did enjoy some things.

Like this quiz on the 4 kinds of introvert. I am a thinking introvert. What about you?

I’m in the Bloom book study on Jessica Turner’s The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You* It’s not too late to join! I love the video discussions they have because Jessica and Angie invited 3 of Jessica’s friends to discuss the book with them. One of them is single like me, and I like that because a big assumption is that single people have more free time. That’s just not true. We simply have different responsibilities and don’t have a partner to help us out.

And I made this 1 minute Glutten-free Chocolate Banana Mug Cake. It actually makes 2 servings! That means, two 1-minute mug cakes. Or place it in a big mug like I did and microwave for 2 minutes. Keeping a close eye on it so it doesn’t over heat or it can turn rubbery. Mine did not, but I did stop the microwave at 30 second intervals to check.

Can’t the see video? Go here. I used a dark chocolate cocoa powder because I didn’t have the regular kind. It was very decadent and could have used more sugar since dark chocolate is more bitter, but I have a sweet tooth. You could totally follow the recipe and use a dark chocolate cocoa powder. Yummy results.

And OUAT is back!!! I’m geeking out excited because I love this show! New villains are in, Maleficent is back with a sad back-story, and I feel bad for Gold. I want his and Regina’s happily ever afters. There’s also a new show on my radar, CSI: Cyber. The first two episodes were good, but I’m not sure if this will turn out to be one of those shows that would make me paranoid. It’s all about crimes committed on the dark net or deep web or hacker space with real world consequences. In full disclosure, I’m one of the people who covered my laptop’s webcam with a sticker. You really never know who’s watching.

Last but not the least, I just recently found out that Annie F. Downs has a podcast! What?!? I’m so behind of the times… It’s called the That Sounds Fun podcast. I loved her podcasts with Ted Dekker. His new book A.D. 30 is now waiting on my Nook homepage. Another full disclosure though, I fell asleep listening to Annie and Dave Barnes talking and laughing. But give me some leeway. I was sick and pretty braid muddled. The podcast was long, but it was like spending time with some friends and falling asleep in their warm company.

What have you been enjoying lately? Let me know and let’s share the fun!

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