Weekend Fun & Birthday Fraps

weekend fun

I feel like I’ve been everywhere online recently. I am so not fond of research, but I have to do it. What’s your favorite research/notes organizing tool? Because so far, I have none! I just bookmark links or download what I can download. Anyway, here are some links for your weekend. Hope you find them fun or useful!

Mandated Reporter Training – California offers FREE training for mandated reporters or anyone who wants to take it. Certificate at the end if you pass the test with a score of 80% or higher. They have a general training module and specialized training modules.

I took the general and clergy training. I’m preparing to hold a child abuse training for my church and in all the research, I found the free training and their Train the Trainer website. Can you say huge weight off my shoulders? There’s still a lot of prep work to do, but it’s like my to-do list was cut by 75%. I just have to modify and specify the materials to work for our church.

Oh and I passed both tests perfectly 🙂 It was very easy so I encourage you – wherever you live – to take the training if you work with minors in the ministry. I don’t know if other states have websites like this, but I hope they do. It was informative and helpful.

Mind Mup – is an online mind map tool. I love that it can save your mind map on your Google Drive. I’ve been using it to prepare for VBS. Since our children’s ministry is moving to family ministry this year, we decided to do a family VBS. And I decided to write our own because with the set-up we’re using, buying a curriculum doesn’t make sense when we wouldn’t be using a lot of what comes with it.

If your church has done a family VBS, could you let me know how it worked, if your family benefited, and what you’d change if you could?

Narcissistic Personality Quiz – Though this was fun to take! I had a total score of 15, with 12-15 as the average score. “Celebrities often score closer to 18. Narcissists score over 20.” My highest narcissistic trait was Authority. This is what the site says about it:

“Authority refers to a person’s leadership skills and power. People who score higher on authority like to be in charge and gain power, often for power’s sake alone. You scored particularly high in authority, suggesting you see yourself as a leader or as someone who values power.”

In my defense, I’ve been a leader in some capacity for years so yeah, I see myself as a leader 🙂

Community/little library – I have been obsessively looking at little libraries because they are so adorable! Thank you, Crystal Stine! She talked about her daughter checking out a book from their church library and it was just…poof! Mind blown. Church. Library. Why have I never heard of such thing?!?!

I want to have a family resource center at church (like I said, moving into family ministry) but all we have room for is 1-2 low shelves. Crystal suggested I check out community library on Pinterest and again, poof! Mind blown. Really. Why have I never heard of such thing?!?!

Happy Birthday, Frappuccino – Starbucks is offering a Birthday Cake Frappuccino from March 26-30 to celebrate the frappuccino’s 20th birthday! Fraps are on the expensive side, and thanks to Starbucks, I’ve gotten used to drinking just coffee. Or a hazelnut iced coffee with milk. The Birthday Frap is a vanilla bean with hazelnut frap with raspberry infused whipped cream. Vanilla, hazelnut, and pink whipped cream. Love. If you try it, let me know what you think!

Where have you been online this week? Let me know what I should check out!

I'd love to hear from you!