Weekend Fun & Freedom to Inspire

Weekend FunThis month I’m talking about Freedom and for this Weekend Fun post, I’m sharing with you things that inspire me to get out of a rut. Sometimes, we get stuck in funks and ruts for whatever reason. If we’re not careful, we can stay there a little too long, making us believe that we don’t have freedom. That this life is as good as it’s gonna get, when the truth is that there’s more in stored for us.
31 Days of Freedom

When I need to a reminder to live in freedom, here are some of the things that inspire me to pull myself up and out of the rut.

Nature. It’s probably because I’m a city gal, or suburban girl, but I don’t often see wide open spaces of grass. Ironically, I’m in a valley and I don’t have to go far to be smack dab in the middle of nature. I just don’t get the time to do it, so being in nature pulls me out of whatever rut I’m in. It is literally and emotionally a breath of fresh air.

Words. Words can inspire. They can also tear you down, so pick and choose the words you listen. From books, to articles, to blog posts, and podcasts, there are a lot of inspiring words out there. I have a small book of poems I revisit from time to time.

Internet Surfing. I like random finds in the Internet. There are some inspiring and interesting things out there like:

This Pockit baby stroller that folds small enough to fit under the seat of an airplane.

This Human Pyramid Contest in Tarragona, Spain.

This really dedicated knitter and TSwift fan.

This hair trend for brunettes that I’m actually tempted to try.


Your turn! What inspires you to get out of the funk and into freedom?

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