Weekend Fun & Freedom in Learning

Weekend Fun

I started something new that could mean a significant change in my life. I’m not open to talking about it yet, but would you keep me in your prayers? As with new ventures, it is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is a change that I pray is right for me.

This change also means I’m hustling even more everyday. There are new concepts I need to learn that are not in my comfort zone. Even though I love learning, I have always been hesitant to learn something that I know I’m not good at. There is a higher chance of failing and I don’t like that.

But I have always found freedom in learning. The world does open up to you. You face more possibilities.

31 Days of Freedom

In the 1986 movie “Labyrinth,” Sarah couldn’t find her way through the labyrinth. Giving up, she slumps against a wall and meets the Worm, a helpful worm with a red scarf. He tells her that the labyrinth is not what it seems and urges her to overcome her doubts and find a hidden opening in the wall. Sarah finds it, and it renews her energy for the quest.

When life is like a labyrinth, we can be tempted to give up if it seems like we’re moving in circles. But like the Worm said, life isn’t what it seems. There are openings in the walls around us. There are silver linings in the dark clouds. There are solutions to the problems. We need to rise above our doubts and keep going.

When Sarah listened to the Worm, she learned something new about the labyrinth that changed her perspective and gave her the freedom to persevere. She was no longer held back by conventional thinking or sheer physical energy. She moved forward in smarter ways, which helped her face new challenges.

For today’s Weekend Fun post, I want to share with you some of the things that help me when I’m learning new ideas or concepts.

For your learning materials

Book Darts are the cutest way to keep track of where you left off in a book. Think of them as bookmarks that don’t fall off. Post-it Arrow Flags are a cheaper alternative and works better for loose reading materials like handouts. You can also stick them right on the middle of pages to highlight important sections.

If you want to actually highlight words, I recommend Gel Highlighters. I found mine in the Dollar Store, so check there first. I cannot go back to regular highlighters anymore. Gel highlighters glide on smoothly, does not run dry, and does not stain clothes or bed sheets (an answer for those in-bed readers out there, like me).

I am still a believer of the pen and paper for taking notes. There is something about physically writing out ideas and concepts that help translate them into my head. If you want a digital alternative, many people love Evernote. I haven’t clicked with it. I like Work Flowy. It’s easy to use and understand. You can also try typing right into your browser.

For your body

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker to make good coffee at home. In this video, Matt Ho at the Union Hand-Roasted Coffee gives a clear and easy to follow tutorial. I don’t have to explain why coffee helps me learn, right?

My best friend introduced me to these chia bars by Health Warrior. She gave me the coconut flavored bar, but they have a variety of flavors. I’m not a big fan of chia seeds. I couldn’t get past the texture, but these bars are delicious! The texture is not off-putting. I think it’s because it’s a bar and not a drink. In drinks, chia seeds get to me. I don’t really like them.

Classical music. Yes, I know, not everyone likes it but it helps me a lot! It’s also supposedly good for our brains. My sister asked me how I don’t end up falling asleep. The answer is piano sonatas. The piano isn’t as lulling as violins and other stringed instruments.

For your study breaks

Studies have shown that taking study breaks actually help us study and retain the materials better. It’s not good to overload our brains. It’s like when we step away from a problem or “sleep on it.” We return refreshed with clear eyes to see the solution.

My favorite type of study break is a brain game like Boggle or a crossword puzzle like NY Times Mini Crossword puzzle for the day. Play a game that uses your brain, which means you’re thinking of something other than the lesson or problem. It makes your brain step back from what you’re learning for a moment, which is the break it needs.

What about you? What helps you when you’re learning something new?


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