31 Days of Dear Diary

This October I’m going back.

I’m diving into my diaries, journals, and prayer journals to visit the girl I once was. To find the parts of her that still exist today. To see how she’s changed. How she grew up.

And mostly I’m looking for the fingerprints of God in my life.

“Dear Diary,” were two words I wrote a lot, but what came after those two words have always been a secret. Until now.

I’m sharing with you my diary entries.

They will either be verbatim or edited to protect the people I love and know and were named in the original pages 😀

Let’s go!

31 Days to Dear Diary

This is the landing page for the “31 Days of Dear Diary” series. I’m doing this series as part of #write31days from the Nester, which happens every October. Come join us in this crazy and awesome writing challenge! I will update this page with links to each post. You can always come back to this page if you miss a post. Bookmark this page to find it easier, or subscribe to my blog and get the posts sent to your inbox!

Day 1: Dear Diary, The Car Broke Down

Day 2: Dear Diary, When I Grow Up

Day 3: Dear Diary, My First Time on an Airplane

Day 4: Dear Diary, I Wrote A Poem

Day 5: Dear Diary, Untitled and Undated

Day 6: Dear Diary, Dear God

Day 7: Dear Diary, I Know It’s Not Good For Me

Day 8: Dear Diary, What is Beauty?

Day 9: Dear Diary, I’ll Date Who I Want, When I Want

Day 10: Dear Diary, I Got Water Baptized

Day 11: Dear Diary, I Can’t Take It

Day 12: Dear Diary, I Testify

Day 13: Dear Diary, It’s a Blessing

Day 14: Dear Diary, I Got a Job

Day 15: Dear Diary, I’m In the Youth Group

Day 16: Dear Diary, I Think God’s Calling

Day 17: Dear Diary, I’m Hester Prynne

Day 18: Dear Diary, How I Love You

Day 19: Dear Diary, Listen to Me

Day 20: Dear Diary, I Am a Mess

Day 21: Dear Diary, I’m Stuck

Day 22: Dear Diary, I Remember the Fear

Day 23: Dear Diary, Where Do I Jump?

Day 24: Dear Diary, My Rule of Life

Day 25: Dear Diary, I Need Everlasting Love

Day 26: Dear Diary, The End of Darkness

Day 27: Dear Diary, I Have a Scar

Day 28: Dear Diary, I Had a Disturbing Dream

Day 29: Dear Diary, I Don’t Like Waiting

Day 30: Dear Diary, Depression and Burn Out

Day 31: Dear Diary, I’m At Starbucks Thinking About My Blog

10 thoughts on “31 Days of Dear Diary

  1. This is such a fun idea! I literally just retrieved all my old journals (2 boxes full!) from my parents’ house last week! Maybe I’ll consider doing something similar…. would you mind?

  2. What a cool idea (and what a brave girl you are!). I occasionally look over my old journals (I’ve been keeping them for 34 years or so) to see where I’ve been and how I’ve changed.

    1. Thank you, Anita. As I hunted down my old journals, I realized I need a box to keep them together! And I’m trying to be brave 🙂 and accept the embarrassing moments I can see are about to come, haha!

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