Hi I’m Anna Angela, but I usually go by Angela.

I’ve been blogging for years without purpose because that’s what my generation did, put things online. In 2013, I started this blog to honor God with my writing. I wrote about faith in every season, things I do in the ministry, and living the single life for God. I still write about those things, but as I continue to walk in faith (stumbling most of the way) and grow in Christ (usually reluctantly), my little corner of the Internet is doing the same thing: stumbling, growing, expanding, broadening.

That said, welcome to my Christian lifestyle blog.  By that I mean welcome to a glimpse of my life where I’m learning what it means to be loved by God, to love God, and to live by this messy thing called faith.

A few things to help you understand where I’m coming from (especially if you’re new here)

1. I’m an INFP. I mention this A LOT. This is from the Myers-Briggs Personality Types and it describes me pretty well. I’m also an Enneagram Type 4 (wing 5). I’m still learning what that means and how I can grow by understanding my type.

2. I love stories and storytelling. It’s hard for me to write without a story to tell, so there would be weeks I don’t blog. I know that’s not wise blog practice, but the older I get, the more I want to stew in and think through what’s going on before talking or writing about it. If I’ve been silent for a while, don’t worry. I’m still here.

Oh, and I’m also working on children’s stories and other works of fiction so if I happen to disappear longer than normal, I probably got lost in another world, being chased by spies or magical beings. Someone tell my family I love them.

3. I have been in children’s ministry since I was 14 years old, and I’m a big believer in serving in your local church. I also believe we are all called to a personal ministry, which varies. I write a lot about serving and volunteering, and the two ways to do that which are dearest to my heart: child sponsorship and Operation Christmas Child. I talk a lot about those, too.

4. I talk about the single life through my personal lens, which is: in my 30s, no kids, never been in a relationship, never dated. AND believing by faith that God will unfold the love story He wrote for me. I sometimes feel like this is a narrow lens, but then I hear from other women in the same boat. So even though it’s hard, I talk about it because if I’ve ever felt lonely or struggled with singleness, then others have, too. Truth is, we’re not alone. If I can encourage one woman in the boat with me, then it’s worth the butterflies in my tummy.

5. I love creative things, nerdy/geeky things, reading things, watching things, coffee things, traveling and adventure things, and Disney things.

6. If I can have any superpower, it would be teleportation so I can travel around the world with one thought. I think it’s important to mention that.


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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Angela,

    You definitely seem to have a gift of encouragement and you write very well. God bless you in it!

    Cindy Hampson

  2. I just came across your blog. I am single and 24. I have never had a boyfriend. Just recently got asked on my first date ever. I struggle so much with singleness. I feel that I am worthless. I see married people all around. I feel the church is made children and married adults. Glad I came across your blog. Thankful for encourages like you.

    1. I hear you! Being single can be so hard, but it can also be rewarding. It’s always my prayer for God to use this season for His glory. Yes, the church can be isolating for singles. My friend and I are the only ones our age at church and we’re both single. It can be tough but you can still be part of a community, and I pray you find that. You have so much worth and a lot to offer. Sometimes that’s hard to believe because if we’re so worthy then how come a guy hasn’t snatched us up, right? I believe it’s because God hasn’t brought the right man along. If we’re open to His love story, it can be epic. Please guard your heart in the dating world and remember that God’s holding you through every struggle, fear, and doubt. He has plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11)!

  3. Hello Angela!

    Thank you for leaving me a note the other day!
    Very kind words!
    I enjoyed some time here just now.
    God bless your single heart!

  4. Hello Sis Angela! Congratulations on your blog! You have been such a great inspiration to many and I am so blessed to have known you as a Sister in Christ, a friend and as a family, too! I love your posts and thank God that The Lord had given you the directions in putting together this blog. We used to talk about blogging before and now, here we are, honoring The Lord in our blogs. Guess what? I am following Nikki and Leigh Ann too, at christianmommyblogger.com. They have great tips to share and I was planning before to get their ebook but I haven’t gotten a chance to do it yet. Anyway, wow! I am so excited because we are in the same page. We want to use our writing for the Glory of God! Sis…I am praying for your eMinistry and I know that you will continuously touch many lives through this! God bless and let’s connect…Talk to you soon…

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