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I missed my posts for the weekend 🙁 so now I’m going to play catch-up. But it was for a good reason. I was actually people busy, as in I was working with other people this weekend and by the time I have time to myself, I was too tired to do anything but sleep.

Saturday I was dolling up this sweet girl for her big birthday party. That hair bow took forever!


And Sunday after church I was with the youth group practicing for the Christmas musical. At one point, I thought I would lose my voice. Time to carry around tea and honey. And may I just say that wow, I don’t know where teens get their energy. I don’t remember where I got my energy, but I remember having so much to do all the time and doing them all with 3 hours of sleep!

It’s amazing to work with these teens because most of them were my Sunday School students. I’m left wondering where time went. The birthday girl above turned 7. That’s six years away from being a teenager, but time will fly again.

Time really is short. In the blink of an eye, life happens. People change. Friends can become strangers. Sunday School students are now ministry volunteers.

It’s important to connect with people.

I’m an introvert, I say that all the time. I keep a small circle of close friends and I can only handle being around a big group of people for a couple of hours before wilting. I enjoy solitude. But there’s a difference between spending time alone and being a loner.

I need to spend time alone. I refuel that way. It’s my time to process my experiences, emotions, and thoughts.

Being a loner is not connecting with people. I’ve done that too, and I found that it’s a good way to kill your passion for life. Disconnecting from relationships is the best way to feel lonely, miserable, resentful, and burdened (like nobody’s there to help you).

You don’t need to spend so much energy connecting with people. You don’t need to throw big parties or direct church musicals. It just so happened that my weekend was busy with things to do, but when it comes to connecting with people, it’s the quality that counts.

Confession time. I’m not very good at connecting with people. I can’t remember names, I forget details shared with me (sometimes within the same conversation), I never know what to say, and sometimes a hug freaks me out. And that’s why my friends are the best because they love me, flaws and all.

And I think that’s the key to connecting with people. Love.

Simply love others. I say simply but we all know some people are hard to love. Try anyway. Remember, we’re not always the easiest people to love either. Loving others helps us invest in their lives by spending time with them, or helping them with a problem, or giving them a shoulder to cry on. It helps us empathize and sympathize. You may be horrible with details like me, but if you love, you’re connecting.

Connect with people. Connect through love.

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