New Things by Faith

I know I’ve been oh so quiet since the past couple of weeks. I must admit, that’s me, pondering thoughts to death. Except for this time. I prefer to think I pondered them to life! Because tomorrow is this blog’s 1st year anniversary, and I’ve been working on some new things.

1. I updated my About page, which includes an updated Mission Statement, which reads:

The mission of this blog is to encourage and challenge you to live a life of faith in every season. To encourage and challenge you to excellence in your ministry. To encourage and challenge single women to live their singleness for God, stop searching, and believe that God will unfold their love stories in His time and in His way. To encourage and challenge the imaginations of children through books that engage them in a journey toward God’s love.

I absolutely must give a huge shout out and thank you to Julie from Christian Mommy Blogger, who helped me see my blog with fresh eyes. She showed me the themes I tend to focus and write on. With her help through the CMB eRetreat, He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease, I have a clear mission statement that helps me in moving forward.

2. That said, my goal moving forward is to write about ministry leadership on Tuesdays, singleness on Thursdays, and open topics (open but in-line with the mission statement) on the other days. I write this knowing that I find planning a grand idea and planners pretty, but my follow-through isn’t very admirable. I write this knowing that there are times when I am just swamped busy, tired, and can barely write. I write this to be open and accountable to you, my friend. So holler at me if I fall behind, make sure I’m still alive and all.

Also thanks to Julie, I am proclaiming to everyone – well, everyone who reads this – that I am a writer. That’s one of my steps of faith, which I now follow by drugging the butterflies in my tummy with an iced coffee with milk and a shot of hazelnut. Steps of faith aren’t easy.


I, Anna Angela Rodriguez Sangalang, am a writer.
(My name’s long, huh?)

3. And as a writer, I am currently writing “Faith Infused Life,” a 31-day devotional that I’m offering FREE if you subscribe to my blog. Over there on the right sidebar, type your email and click the button. When it’s ready, a stand alone email with a download link will be sent to all current subscribers. New subbies will get a download link either in the confirmation email or a follow-up email. I will figure it out and let you know.

I am also being open while quaking in my shoes – thanks, Julie – and letting you know that I’m working on some children’s stories. I grew up on books and know how a great story can stick with you for life. I never imagined that God’s call in my life to be a children’s pastor/missionary isn’t only about traditional ministry. It also means writing stories that engage children’s imaginations in a journey toward God. To reach children I will never meet through books, and to believe by faith that my stories will be published into books that people will buy! See, faith living is everywhere.

With that, I thank you, friends, for hearing me out. Stick around, come back, comment, subscribe. I’d love to hear from you!

What new things are going on in your life? What new things are you taking on by faith?

I'd love to hear from you!