It’s Okay to Hurt

“She failed one class.”

“But she’ll still finish this summer, right?”

“Yes, but I….”

And she broke down in tears, right in the middle of the small college graduation reception held at our church.

It’s not uncommon – at least in my community and the schools in my district – for a student to finish high school in the summer after his senior year. It’s likely that a senior class will have at least one super-senior (a 5th year high school student). It happens so often that our schools are good at helping them graduate as soon as possible, plugging them into work experience classes, and helping them get into a college. There’s no longer as much stigma attached to being in that situation as before because we’ve seen those same students succeed in school, careers, and life in general. They may have made some mistakes, but many don’t let those mistakes bring them down.

“I thought she would graduate on time. I didn’t know so I didn’t expect. ”

And therein lies the hurt.

It may be common not to finish school on time, but this mama didn’t know and didn’t expect this to happen to her girl.

It hurts when expectations aren’t met. We can find the silver lining. We can focus on solutions. We can look around us and realize how blessed we still are, how supported we are, and how it’s not the end of the world. But it still hurts.

That’s why I believe in a good cry accompanied with chocolate or ice cream or cake…or chocolate ice cream cake. Plus the Word of God.



There are many verses in the Bible that remind us to give our burdens to God. Set our hope in Him. Cast our anxieties to Him. Take up His yoke, which is easy. Put our trust and faith in Him. Not worrying but praying for everything.

But the Bible does not tell us not to be hurt. Because even Jesus hurt. He wept. God heard the cries of His people, and He was affected. He was touched. He was moved.

It’s okay to hurt.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay for life to be messy.

Let it be messy. Let yourself cry. Let yourself hurt. Acknowledge these uncomfortable feelings because they’re part of life.

Then turn it over to God. Tell Him all about it. Let Him comfort you and carry your worries. You’ve done enough. God is right there beside you, waiting for you to climb into His arms and rest. (Click to Tweet)


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