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I shared a free goal tracker last June. I set a goal to write fiction for at least 15 minutes everyday in July. That did not happen. Now, I’m reevaluating that goal and pressing reset. I’m striking “everyday” from the goal. I’m just going to write fiction in 15 minute increments (at least). I think it’s more doable for me.

The Bible also tells us to reevaluate and reset. Not in those words, but in the observance of the Sabbath. Most of us have heard of the Sabbath. Every week, we set aside a day or time to stop. To spend time with God. To reflect and rest.

Did you know about the Sabbath year? It caught me by surprise when I was reading the Book of Leviticus. Every seventh year, God commands the people to press the reset button. Okay, not really. Every seventh year is a resting period for agriculture. God commands the people to let the land lie fallow. No planting, pruning, or harvesting. Debts are also forgiven. Then, at the end, everyone gathers together and listens to the reading of the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy).

But then, there’s the year of Jubilee, the year after seven Sabbath years (the 50th year). Debts forgiven. Slaves set free. Properties revert back to the original owners. It’s a time of freedom and celebration. Talk about the ultimate reset button!

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a reset button for our lives. There are many ways I feel like I’m standing at a tipping point. I want to press reset on my life and start over. Start over with decisions I’ve made. Start over with how I do things. Start over with habits. Start over with relationships. But my idea of reset is more like how you can reset a game and start over with previous data lost.

Life doesn’t work that way. Our past shapes our present and future. The only data lost when we press the spiritual reset button is when we repent and God forgives our sins. Our debt of sin is forgiven. We are set free from spiritual slavery. And we are blessed. God promises blessings when the Israelites obeyed the Sabbath and Jubilee years. We are also blessed as God’s people. No matter how many challenges we face or how big our problems are, we still have the blessing of hope, peace, joy, victory in Christ, and so much more.

We are also blessed by following the Sabbath. God commands us to step back and rest because He knows we need it. God created us for a purpose. That means work is ingrained in us. We need to be doing something, but we also need rest. God set this example for us by resting on the seventh day after making all of creation. He turned rest into a law with the Sabbath and Jubilee years. He knows that when we step back, rest, reevaluate, and reset, we can move forward easier.

We can move forward without stress. We can move forward with hope (especially if we take the time to “read the Torah” or remember what God has done for us). We can move forward in faith.

I’ve talked about going through burnout before, which is why I think rest is important. I also think reset is important. To stop and see what we need to cut off from our lives, what we need to say no to, and what we need to do over.

That’s why, as part of my 3rd year blogiversary, I’m doing two giveaways with items that will hopefully encourage you and help you rest and reset.


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44 thoughts on “Rest and Reset + Giveaway!

  1. I relax by coloring. Im an avid colorer. It helps with my chronic pain. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  2. My absolute favorite way to relax is a nice warm bubble bath. My next way is to spend time drawing, coloring, or reading with my daughter

    1. Someone gave me a LUSH bath bomb for my birthday back in January, but I never have the time to use it! I hope you will one day find the time for that much deserved bubble bath 🙂

    1. That’s awesome, Laurie! I just got into gardening this year and at first it was stressful because plants tend to die around me, but I harvested my first tomatoes and I’m starting to understand how relaxing working with the beauty of nature really is. Great for the soul!

  3. My favorite way to relax and reset by having a nice cup of coffee or tea and writing in my journal, or listen to an audio book and knitting.

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