Weekend Fun & Gavin Stone

Weekend Fun

As January dwindles down, here are some Weekend Fun links for you. Enjoy!

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is my move recommendation this week. I don’t know how many more showings there will be of this movie in the theaters so go watch it now. It stars comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes and Brett Dalton aka Grant Ward from Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Gavin Stone. It’s a heart-warming and funny Christian chick flick great for a girl’s night out or date night. My friend asked if it reminded me of putting on church productions and the answer is a sound yes! Because of the stress, not because church productions had landed me a man.

A massive thank you for this tip from Modern Mrs. Darcy on how to listen to Audible audiobooks for free, without a membership. How did I not know about this?!? By the way, have you joined her 2017 Reading Challenge? Because I joined last year, I read more books in a year than I thought possible. I’m a slow reader, but I completed the challenge and finally read all of Pride & Prejudice…twice.

Interesting read from Lisa Jo-Baker over an inCourage: If You Are What You Love, What Are You? I would be chocolate and coffee!

Watch a great “Good Morning” Debbie Reynolds tribute from tap dancer/choreographer Christopher Rice.

Speaking of dancing, take a silly Disney Quiz to find your next Disney Dance MoveApparently, mine is the Ariel dance move, which has lots of twists and hair emphasis.

I dove into Bible journaling. I love that it helps me focus and meditate on a few Bible verses or short passage. I usually read chapters as a time because of the Bible Plan I follow, but it’s not allowing me to pause and savor the Word. So this is great. I listen to worship music while slapping things together. Really, it looks like I slapped things together. I’ll get to a rhythm and style eventually. I just wanted to share that and this money saving tip: visit your local Dollar Store for supplies like stickers, craft paper, journal cards, gel pens, and markers. Check out Illustrated Faith on Instagram for inspiration and ideas!

Figuring it out #biblejournaling #faithandart #meditateonthewordofgod 🙏 🎨

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